Sablo Tableware Collection

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Sablo Range – designed by Frederike Martens The Sablo ceramic range is made of mixed coloured clay, quartz, minerals and oxides. The lightly speckled look with the complementing combination of the beige and grey which is textually reinforced by partial glaze. Each piece is one of a kind with a unique hand crafted appearance but is dishwasher and microwave safe.

Dinner plate- D 26 cm  x H 1.3 cm

dessert plate- D 21 x H 1.3 cm

bowl- D 15.5 x H 7 cm

large bowl- D 20 x H 9.5 cm

salad bowl- D 34.5 x H 7.5 cm

deep plate- D 18.5 x H 4 cm

Snack Plate- W 15 x L 21 cm 

Coffee Cups (set of 2)- H 5 x W 11 x D 8.5 cm - 150ml

creamer pot- H 5 x W 9 x D 8.5 cm - 150ml

sugar bowl- H 5 x W 9 x D 8.5 cm