ANI LED lamp

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The mobile ANI LED lamp with stand is made of white, matt powder-coated aluminium and can be used anywhere, thanks to the integrated battery. The lamp is versatile, adaptable and outstandingly beautiful, it cuts a brilliant figure when placed on the stand, hung from the cable or stood on the table. Turning the lampshade changes the shape of the light beam. It is possible to switch between two brightness levels or turn the lamp on and off with a gentle tap of the rings on the lampshade. To charge, the lamp can simply be placed on the charging station and charged with the USB cable. The cable, charging station and USB cable are included with a battery life: 8 to 16 hours, splash-proof, for indoor/outdoor use.

small H 34 x D 22 cm 

medium H 49 x D 37 cm 

large H 121 x D 49 cm - floor standing